Take your events to the next level by using digital satellite technology

Internal staff events, activations and training videos can be one of your most effective employee engagement drivers. Involving your employees in key events is a great way to build up staff morale and improve employee engagement.

Our team offers a diverse set of skills when it comes to events. We have covered corporate dramas to training videos, magazine shows to live broadcasts. There is no form of video production that we have not undertaken in our 25 years of experience. We are passionate about creating content that is impactful and long-lasting. We have worked with private and public organisations to help them create significant messaging for their audience using the medium of television and live streaming.

We can help you take your event to the next level by using our digital satellite technology. The possibilities and ways of broadcasting and live streaming your event are endless, creating wider exposure for your brand and organisation. We have a team of experienced producers, coupled with our in-house studio and production facilities to support any video creation such as interviews, live recording, graphics, animation and scripted content to name a few.

For more ideas and ways of adding value to your events please contact us at contact@globalaccess.co.za

Have a few questions? Chat with one of our experts who can guide you in terms of any broadcast or streaming questions you have for your event