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As a pioneer of Digital Signage in South Africa, Global Access has been at the forefront of the Digital Signage industry for more than 15 years and currently run one of the leading and most comprehensive digital signage platforms globally.


Frequently Asked Questions

Solution Based

Ranging from retail sectors to internal use

Our enterprise digital signage products are all solution based, allowing clients to choose which product best suits their requirements, as well as to select a combination of products that make up our enterprise solution. These can be used in the retail, finance, quick service restaurants and industrial sectors and either for customer or internal staff use.

75 %
Purchase Decisions

Over 75 % of purchasing decisions are made in store, thereby making digital signage a perfect medium in the right place

8 %

People remain in-store 8% longer

37 %

Information retained is 37% more than with standard print material

50 %
Impulse Purchases

50% increase of impulse purchases

Specific to your needs

Customized to meet your end goal

Our specialized team can customize existing products according to your specific needs. Our expert consultants work closely with you in order to develop the best digital signage strategy based on your unique challenges and objectives.

In addition to our Digital Signage products and solutions we can provide a full IP based Satellite delivery platform if required, allowing content delivery anywhere within South Africa.

Dynamic Digital Signage
Dynamic Digital Signage
Live content and instant communication

Our Dynamic Digital Signage system seamlessly combines digital signage delivery with multimedia files, RSS Feeds, animated graphics content and live television.

This allows your customer to experience both entertainment and information marketing at the same time. Content can also be regionalized allowing you to distribute content that is specific to a branch or region.

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks
Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks
Engage with your customers and clients elegantly

An Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk makes content engagement so much easier for your customer or staff member. It enables interaction with information, applications, communication, commerce, entertainment and education.

Integration of technology allows kiosks to perform a wide range of functions, evolving from simple information points into self-service kiosks.

Standard Digital Signage
Standard Digital Signage
Save on lengthy print times and costs

The standard digital signage product allows for a LCD screen to play full screen content such as digital poster or digital menu board

It’s cost effective and flexible, enabling you as the client to change content as frequently as necessary without having to deal with issues such as printing of posters and distribution across the country.

Video On Demand
Video On Demand
Get your message to all your branches, at the same time

Video on Demand (VOD) is the ideal communication and Learning and Development tool as it allows long form video rich content to be downloaded to a media player that is remotely managed and controlled by Global Access anywhere in South Africa. The end user has the ability to view the content on an ‘on demand basis’ i.e. when the user has spare time, using either a remote control or key pad to access the various video files.

This content generally consists of important video messages, compliance notifications or training material that has been pre-recorded, with the ability to link assessments to the content. It provides the viewer with the opportunity to self-learn or learn in groups and, when used to its full potential, can help reduce training costs significantly.


  • Dynamic Digital Signage

    - Reducing ‘perceived’ waiting time in queues.

    - Make corporate information & branding accessible to a large stake holder audience.

    - Ensure that immediate information and updated marketing material is received.

    - Have a crisis communication platform

    - Call to action in store acting as a sales upliftment tool

    - Customer engagement is enhanced.

  • Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

    - Ability to put questionnaires on the system for staff training and assessment

    - Have the ability to track user behavior by recording tags i.e. buttons selected or touched

  • Standard Digital Signage

    - Publish multimedia campaigns to a large "in store" captive audience nationally.

    - Provides an efficient and informative platform for product knowledge for the customer.

    - Customer engagement and a 'Call to Action' platform.

    - The system enables regional or per branch specific information or campaigns.

    - Reduction in print and logistical costs.

  • Video On Demand

    - Distribute communication, learning and development content

    - Provides learners with the opportunity to self-learn or learn in groups

    - Assessment data recorded into SQL database for reporting to the HR or learning and development department

    - Staff alignment to the strategic vision and values of the organization

    - Ensure the urgency and immediacy of key critical messages is received

    - Communication of key health and safety and other statutory regulated information.

    - The emphasis of the organization’s key targets to be achieved are constantly emphasized and updated.

    - Staff motivation and productivity is improved.

    - Business process cost savings, i.e. reduction in trainer cost, travel & print costs etc.

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Measurement Tools

Reports as well as Data Dashboards are sent to our clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on client requirements. From this data clients can track the success and engagement of each product, providing a measurement tool for successful strategies and campaigns.

Network Management

Bringing this all together and perhaps the single most important piece of the entire media system is the ability to support and maintain the network and media player devices and at the same time ensuring that the correct content is updated and onscreen, playing at the correct time. Currently we manage more than 3500 devices nationally on a daily basis, controlling content updates and managing operational support.

Content Scheduling

This task is not to be underestimated and over the years Global Access has developed and implemented our Network Monitoring and Content Scheduling Control Room. In this room we ensure and proactively check that all devices are online from a hardware and software level, in combination with this we also upload the clients’ content to site and then according to their approved and authorized schedule play out the content and ensure it is on screen when it should be. The client can easily be incorporated into this system to allow for FTP content uploads for ease of use scheduling.


Not only does Global Access provide technical onsite installation, maintenance, support service, technical monitoring and content scheduling network management services, but partners and engages with our client to generate content from a planned daily, weekly, monthly and annual communication plan. Our designers are not only creative, but understand each product platform and can assist in expert advice on what type of content enhances customer and staff engagement in the best manner.



Frequently Asked Questions

about Digital Signage

What are some common components to most digital signage systems?

LED is most common.
Player device
Often a small form factor PC, Media Player or appliance that runs content and displays to the screen.
Mounting bracket
Most often includes wall, pole, ceiling, or movable cart.
Management software
To manage media, playlists, schedules and manage each screen/player.
Standard IP networking is most common, and management over the internet, cellular or even Satellite is available.
Perhaps the most important element! A strategic messaging campaign with media such as video, flash, HTML, Jpeg/Gif graphics, live TV, RSS and more are common.




How do I figure out if digital signage is a good solution for my company?

Consider your customer first. Do they often have questions about your company, product or service? Are they as informed as they could be to make educated purchasing decisions? Can you or your employees deliver a consistent strategic message to every one of them? Digital signage in your company can help to deliver consistent strategic messages to your audience to empower or influence their actions.

How often do I need to change content?

The frequency of content change will depend on your strategy, your business and your budget. A small retailer may need to change content once a month as new products, promotions and other messaging changes. Whereas, an internal corporate communication system may change daily or several times a day. Some digital signage is a combination of static images and dynamic text pulled from databases, social media or RSS feeds.

But whatever the scope of your strategy, plan to refresh the content on a regular basis enough to where your customers are not becoming bored with the messaging, rendering it ineffective. Give them what they want or what they need and go beyond that to surprise and delight them. You may be able to create some simple content in house, but it's often best to work with a professional designer or digital content provider to create media that will put your product, company or services in the best light possible.




Should I conduct a pilot before I commit to a full deployment?

A pilot project before a full deployment is essential for most projects of any size. Doing a single system or single store before installing hundreds of screens to multiple stores will help you work through any unforeseen problems of various aspects of your project. You will document the results and measurable’ s that will make your full deployment much more successful

Why should I buy a commercial grade screen when a local retailer has the same size for less money? 


Commercial screens used in digital signage are intended to run for many more hours than a consumer grade screen. They are often rated at 50,000 - 60,000 hours versus 20,000 hours of a consumer grade screen, so you will get much more life out of your initial investment.


Consumer grade screens are under warranty by the manufacturer for an average of one year and commercial screens average a 3 year warranty. Using a consumer grade screen in a business setting will often void the consumer warranty.


Heat is the most common killer of LCD and LED screens and commercial grade screens have better heat dissipation with fans and other methods to prolong it's life, even when run 16 - 24 hours a day.


Commercial screens often have the types of connectivity required for your project.


Security: Commercial displays have unique features to protect the unit, including IR lock out. Controls on the front of the display can be locked while additional buttons for other functions are usually hidden to prevent unauthorized access.

Power Savings

Power Savings: Many screens can be programmed to turn on and off at the same time your location opens to the public, saving energy costs by turning off overnight.


Purchasing the hardware from your system integrator ensures you get the proper model, features and support you will need.

How do you measure the success of installing digital signage?

ROI (Return on Investment) is an important element when making the decision to install digital signage. Hard ROI is measured, for example, when retailers, and other venues recognize increased sales. There are other ROI factors such as a simple reduction in costs, such as printing, shipping and labour.

Defining what you want to accomplish (GOAL) and how you would measure that (DEFINITION) will be the key to make your installation a success.
It is good to start with a pilot program, comparing digital signage used location with non-installed ones


Can I use sounds for the content?

Yes. You might have an image of a digital signage system playing movies without sounds, but sound is one element you could use to effectively catch the audience. Back Ground Music, narration could be simply added to your content.

What are the benefits of digital signage?

To communicate with people, you have to get their attention. Watching TV and using computers has trained us to look at screens for information, so digital signage is a natural choice for reaching large audiences. It’s also better than email, printed posters, and bulletin boards because:

  • You can deliver breaking news in real-time
  • Screens are bright and show motion
  • You can have multiple things on a screen at once
  • You can change what’s on the screen throughout the day
  • It’s cheaper than print for big audiences
  • It’s better than print for green reasons

Each reason for communicating will have its own benefits:


  • To compel – student organizations and activities, benefits enrollment, charity drives
  • To inform – new policies at work, classes and training dates, wayfinding and directories, weather and news
  • To motivate – recognition and reward programs, company culture messaging, internal contests
  • To include – welcome messages, new hire and birthday announcements, community and social activities
  • To recognize – organization and individual achievements, safety benchmarks, sports teams stats
  • To warn – severe weather, fire and other emergencies, security threats