Private Secure DStv Channel, for your Business

private television broadcasting and private tvGlobal Access’ Private Channel on DStv is the ideal platform for Real Time, Immediate, private and secure Communication and Training with your own invited audience.  South African-based MultiChoice’s DStv is the main digital satellite television provider in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Global Access owns a private channel that could help you broadcast your message to everyone who has access to the DSTV Decoder all across the sub-Saharan Africa. By controlling the smart cards, we manage your viewership and ensure that only your approved viewers will be able to view your broadcast on the private Global Access Channel on DStv.

Satellite television broadcast offers you a wide platform on which to distribute your content to your selected viewership enabled to view the Global Access Channel. The channel is easily accessed via satellite broadcasting services through DStv decoders and are not required to be DStv subscribers. This platform is ideal for medium to large corporates with multiple offices across the country to counter the expensive options of addressing audiences through road shows. Broadcasting is direct, effective and economical, looking at the distance one would have to travel to reach audiences all over the company.

Our broadcast service is tailored to your specific needs, various companies have in the past made use of the channel to broadcast, financial results, internal communication, training, crisis communication (most popular), product launches and magazine shows. The ability to watch programmes live and to discuss them while watching is important to engage your staff and this could be extended to mobile activities. Things like transparency, openness, and active engagement are not only highly valued, but expected. Approach transparency in the right way and you’ll only enhance your business’s profits and productivity.

With increased competition in the market, it is becoming more and more difficult for service providers to differentiate their product or service offering. Therefore why don’t you focus on employees as the competitive advantage of your company strategy? With the growing need for staff engagement, we offer you choice, flexibility and a wide reach of your audience. Global Access is your staff engagement partner of choice we’re able to assist our clients with a full end-to-end communication and training platform.