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Improve productivity, reduce customer waiting

Queue Management is the ability to manage and streamline queues in order to improve customer waiting periods and staff productivity. Global Access has two innovative products which help make this happen i.e. Our Intelligent Queuing and Auto-Queue systems.

Key solutions to fit your needs

Themed to your brand and goals

Our Intelligent Queuing system is used to regulate the end of the queue via a video based digital signage screen, making it easy for customers to see when the next counter is available and where to go.

Our Auto-Queue system on the other hand is ticket based solution allowing you to host your customers in a more personalized way. The solution allows for  various data capturing functionalities and management functions, enabling staff to align themselves with the specific needs of the clients in real time.

What can you use Queue Management Products for?

Reduce your waiting times and solve your queue problems

Enhance your customers' in-store experience by managing queues better while communicating important information to them with the Queue Management systems.

Direct them to available counters, share important messages with customers while they wait in queue. Optimize productivity of staff by being able to identify the customer's needs as soon as they walk into your store by using the queue management system.


Auto-Q System

Customized Tickets

For a 'personalized' queue management system, Global Access offers what is referred to as a ticketing system – better known as our Auto-Q System.

How does it work?

As a customer walks into your store/branch they will receive a ticket with a number on, based on the type of transaction or service required. They can then be seated in a waiting area or hosted environment and called according to their ticket number. The identification of the customer’s needs as soon as they arrive and optimizes the management of your branch/store.

Personalise every visit

Our Auto-Queue System offers you the ability to identify your customer's needs as soon as they walk into your branch/store, thereby giving the consultant the opportunity to not only receive them in a more personalized way but also assist them with their needs much quicker and more efficiently.

Improve Staff Productivity

Research has shown that this type of Queue Management Solution can improve your staff productivity up to 20% as they can be better organised according to their skill set, and they have more time to focus on the customer's needs than managing queue flows.

Intelligent Queuing

Video Based queuing solution

Enhance your customers' in-store experience by stream lining queues while communicating important information to them with the Intelligent Queuing (IQ) system.

How does it work?

The video based IQ system is designed to help regulate the end of the queue. This is done by placing a LCD screen at the end of the queue which then allows the tellers or cashiers to call customers to their booth with the touch of a button through an audio/visual prompt. When the system is not calling any customers video based messages are displayed on screen and these can be educational, security, marketing etc…

Secure and Managed

Our Intelligent Queuing System works on its own Radio frequency registered through ICASA, making it secure with no other interference from outside frequencies. We manage the system remotely, offering daily, weekly and monthly reports as and when you need it.

Display Information and constantly monitor your queue

The system can be monitored by a manager in the back office, being able to redirect and manage the queues as necessary. The system can also be combined with a digital signage system. This enables you to display marketing or advertising material in combination with the Queue Management information, making it a powerful and profitable medium.

  • Benefits of a ticketing system:

    •Customers have the ability to 'pre-book' their place in the queue before arriving at the branch/store via a website or mobile application.

    •Sales or Customer service personnel do not manage the queue; they simply look after the customer allocated to them. This gives them more time to view the customer’s information through the CRM link from the system and receive the customer in a more personalized way.

    •Data can be gathered not only about the customer coming into the branch/store, but on their specific needs, thereby being able to review data and establish key areas for staff to focus on.

    •Relaxed and active waiting areas make your customers feel more at ease and they don’t have to worry about losing their place in the queue. It creates a less stress-free environment pushing up customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

  • Benefits of Intelligent Queuing include:

    • Helps regulate end of queue

    • Directional signage that can be updated at any time

    • Customer engagement through video based messages

    • Display of marketing or security messages

    • Integrated multi-queuing systems

    • Monitoring of staff productivity

    • Improve queue efficiency

    • Built in supervisory call function

    • Built in panic alerts

    • Supervisor SMS escalation alert

    • Queue Layouts can be dynamically updated through the management console

For detailed information

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