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Satellite broadcast channel

Global Access’ satellite broadcast solutions are most suitable for Real-Time and Immediate Communication with your targeted audience on a public platform or on an encrypted private channel.

Our satellite broadcast solutions can be used for Internal Communication, Training, Events, Crisis Communication, Product Launches, Financial Results and Magazine Shows. Our team will first understand and analyse your needs before they advise on the viewer requirements. Our encrypted channel allows you to control the smartcards, manage your viewership and ensure that only your approved viewers will be able to view your broadcast.

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Web Streaming

Have your own private web stream, themed to your brand

Television broadcasting combined with web streaming also allows you to be in touch with your team, anywhere in the world, at any time, making this a cost effective solution for corporate communication and training.

Our web streaming solution is fully compatible with mobile devices, including iPads/iPhones and Android devices. We do not use Flash as this format is no longer widely accepted or accessible, as a result all our video players are HTML5 enabled for maximum compatibility; giving you peace of mind knowing your webstream is not alienating potential viewers allowing you to engage with more people, quicker, and easier. 

Also included in our web streaming solution is the ability to have powerpoints displayed during the stream, syncing to key points when the speaker changes the slide. Viewers can toggle between watching the speaker or looking at the powerpoint slide. This feature is for both Live and on demand webstreams. No longer will you have viewers complaining about eneligible slides, as all the slides are presented in full resolution.

Other features include: Password protection, payment gateways, registration/login access, location based locking, a complete analytics report, chat box options, and more.

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Latest In Communication Technology

Ranging from Social Media engagement to Live callers in Studio

It encourages engagement, as your audience can communicate immediately by using SMS, e-mail, social media and live phone calls. Global Access broadcasts can be received at offices, home, hospitality venues, personal computers, tablets and cell phones. Reaching your audience is made easy by using Global Access’ satellite solution, giving you access to anywhere in SUB SAHARA Africa, providing a unique and easy way to communicate with your staff in a private/ public satellite platform.

Want to broadcast from your site in the Kalahari?

HD State of the art studios or live from any venue within the SADC region

Our Channel can accommodate broadcasts from any location. You can choose to either broadcast from one of our three HD Broadcast sound proof studios or from your own venue. 

Our broadcasts are fully supported by a dedicated call centre for technical support to our clients.  They can also assist with the scheduling of technicians to assist with satellite receiver installations and maintenance.

Our Final Control Centre (FCC) is capable of broadcasting  live from our studios, live from any location, broadcasting an incoming feed locally and internationally as well as pre-recorded content.

All broadcasts can also be web streamed live or pre-recorded and hosted.

Our broadcasts are fully supported by a dedicated call centre to manage the activation of smart cards as well as technical support to our clients.  They can also assist with the scheduling of technicians to assist with DStv installations and maintenance.

Chat to one of our experts, and we can find a solution for you

Need us to broadcast your message? or cover your event/corporate show? We can assist you in finding the best engagement solution for you and your budget

Benefits to your brand

Cost effective
Cutting edge technology
Builds consistent corporate and brand image
Training and development
Promotes visible leadership
Improves internal communications
Assists with crisis communication
Global reach
One message, same time immediate
International Reach

International Reach

Connect with clients worldwide

Global Access also offers web streaming services, enabling our clients a communication platform locally and internationally. As we have point of presence (POP) all over the world, which will ensure that the web stream will be originated from the nearest HUB and thus resulting in less buffering. Our content can be watched in better quality anywhere in the world.

Not limited to Televisions

Not limited to Televisions

View on any smart device and watch on the move

Content ranging from media clips, flash files to video clips can also be viewed on various smart devices such Android, OS and Windows devices, this includes iPhones, iPads, Windows Tablets, Smart phones, Android phones, PCs, Desktops and laptops.

We can web stream live from our studios, any venue or pre-recorded content. All content can be archived for a specific time period for later viewing by your viewer.

Services to streamline the process

Services to streamline the process

Our goal is to make broadcasting an easy, stress free process, which is why we developed the following solutions

We have our own online registration web page that allows you and your clients to register their decoders or apply for the webstream, removing the hassle of juggling registrations or applications. This service will generate a comprehensive Excel document of the applications including information such as locations, branch name and contact details. All of which you can adjust to your needs if you require more information from registrations. This excel document allows you to approve or deny access to view before we enable them to view, giving you full control.
Our dedicated, always available call center will assist you in any problems that may arise in accessing your broadcast as well as facilitate registrations to view your show.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Television Broadcasting

Satellite Broadcast sounds like it’s going to be too expensive, how does it save me money?

In brief you can address any number of people anywhere in the world from one venue. The savings on travel costs and man hours alone compensate for any broadcasting costs. Calculated cost per employee over a certain figure, it is the most cost effective way to communicate. A single trainer can now in a single day train all your employees at once.

I don’t have the expertise to put a television program together, where do I even begin to plan a broadcast?

Our creative team will assist you from conceptualizing, scripting, and producing, right up until the delivery of the final product. This can include professional presenters, role plays, inserts, graphics and 3D animation and more.

How do I carry out a live broadcast? Can I do it from my offices or a studio?

You either come to our studio in Johannesburg or we bring our mobile studio to your venue or offices anywhere in South Africa (or the world).

What if my audience doesn’t have access to a satellite receiver, can they watch the show on the internet and on their mobiles.

Yes they can. It’s called web-streaming. Your broadcast can be viewed through any device connected to the internet either locally or internationally, using a secure URL/logon if needed.

Do I have to watch the web streaming live, or can I watch it at a later stage?

No you don’t, if the broadcast has been archived on our portal. We have an option to host it on our Content Delivery Network for a specified time frame depending on your requirements which would allow the video to be viewed at a later stage as and when needed.

Which countries are parts of your footprint?

The SUB SAHARA Africa.

Must it always be live


I’ve got an event company / production company doing my event, can you partner with them for broadcast?

Yes. We love working with other companies to ensure that your broadcast is the best it can be. We do however like to ensure that they meet our standards of production and may request a full technical meeting with them weeks prior to your event.

Is there a cost for the end user?

To watch a broadcast on our private channel on DStv there is no cost for the end user, they don’t even need to have an active subscription to DStv, just the correct set-up. To watch a broadcast on our web-streaming platform either via their computers or mobile devices the end user will make use of his/her own data, which will be an expense for them.

This is all brand new to us, do you supply on-screen training?

Yes. We can provide training for on-screen and behind the scenes, from script writing to autocue use, from camera dynamics to wardrobe planning. Don’t worry our job is to make you look as good as possible.

We don’t have a great office to broadcast from, do you have a studio?

Yes. We have several full HD studios which are available for hire.

We would like audience in the venue or studio to participate. Is it possible?

Yes, depending on venue size. Our studios can accommodate from 50 to 200 audience members.