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Global Access is at the forefront of providing 360° video stories and facilitating journeys into the realm of Virtual reality. This type of content is a whole new form of communication that’s changing the way we do business. It allows your audiences to actively engage with your content and experience it first-hand and up close.

Allow your audience to engage and explore with Virtual Reality and 360° video.

Just What is 360 Video?

360° Video is about taking the viewer INTO the video. A 360 degree video (its full title) is a form of video presentation that allows the viewer to look ANYWHERE they want in location where the video was shot. This means if you film a 360° video in a train station the viewer would be able to look at the train arriving in the station, look above you to see the clouds and the power lines, behind you to see the people standing on the platform and the station behind you, to your left and right to see the queues of people waiting and the tracks leading off into the distance, and to even look down to see the platform you are standing on. There has never before been so immersive a viewing medium. 360° videos literally transport the viewer onto site.

Graphics can then be added to enhance the viewer’s experience, to add more information, or to guide the viewer on where to look at critical moments.

Sound can be rendered in full 360 Ambisonic format which is the latest in 360° audio technology, left natural on site, or accompanied by a Voice Over or Narration.

And what is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a computer generated environment like 360 degree video. The viewer is placed into the environment and can interact with objects within it, and the experience only moves forward when the viewer wants it to – unlike 360 degree video. The experience can be turned into a game, into a comprehensive training platform, into a showcase of product, into anything where the experience of the user is to be physically present in the environment. It is the ultimate experience in immersion.

And Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a live view of a physical, real-world environment that is enhanced. Unlike Virtual Reality which is a totally artificially created environment, AR uses the existing environment and elevates it with new information like sound, graphics or animations enhancing what your audience sees, hears and feels. These can be viewed through a screen such as smartphones or tablets. AR integrates digital information with your audience’s environment in real time. By using your phone AR suddenly transforms the real world into an interactive corporate branding experience.

Is there an APP for that?

Want to create a big impact? Let your ideas come to life with our custom app creation. We design for IOS, Windows and Android. Our experts will work with you to create an application that is useful, exciting and cost effective.

Are these solutions for my business?

Absolutely! We have solutions that will fit any budget and launch your business on a voyage into new,exciting realities. But how will you use it?

Enhancing Presentations

Instead of showing a video of the new facility / mall interior / location VR/ 360° video tours allow the viewer to feel like they are actually standing there.

Corporate Showcase

For recruitment drives, for induction, for training, taking your prospective viewer on a VR tour makes them feel like they’re actually there.


Hard to reach places, or experiences limited to only a few people at a time now become possible from anywhere in the world for any number of people.

Skilled trades training

Dangerous or difficult learning experiences (like navigating a ship through a harbour mouth) can be watched and experienced like never before.


Take the viewer out of the old display and place them IN history. It’s a totally different experience.


Make decisions before you buy.What will it look like? Will it work? VR lets your customers make those decisions before buying.

The uses for Virtual Reality, 360° video, Augmented Reality and Apps are endless, if you want to be able to place your audience in a totally unique, innovative and immersive space we have the solution to make it a reality.